Craft Beer Range

Here is a list of the craft beers that are currently available from our brewery in Bridgend.

Being a small batch brewery some of the beers may not always be in stock.

Also, keep an eye out for limited edition craft ales that will be popping up now and then.

the usual suspects


sit beer label

Sit! is our take on a German classic.

A combination of Kölsch yeast with German

and Slovenian hops give this beer a distinctive

piney, floral flavour with a crisp lager-like finish.

ABV 5.6% - 330ml

Squeaky Toy

Squeaky toy beer

A gorgeous Mosaic American Pale ale.

Generous additions of Mosaic hops give this beer, flavours of citrus, mango of passionfruit.

A truely tropical treat.

4.3%ABV – 330ml

Good boy

Tropical IPA label

Our collaboration with Wales Ales brings you a tropical IPA.

Sharp grapefruit flavours with notes of tropical fruits from the generous late hop additions.

This is a beer for real hop heads.

ABV 4.6% - 330ml

Lie Down

Belgian blonde label

Our Belgian Blonde Ale is brewed with a blend of classic European malts.

This beer is lightly hopped and the yeast really shines through.

With a lightly fruity taste and a crisp finish.

ABV 5.7% - 330ml


A Robust Porter, pitch black in colour with roasted notes of coffee and chocolate.

Not a session beer at 6.6%. However, the alcohol works well and not overpowering.

Hopped with mainly East Kent Goldings, the beer is balanced enough and not dominated by the malt.

ABV6.6% - 330ml


witbeer bottle label


Hi-five can be drunk clear if you prefer, but we would recommend gently rouse the yeast.
Brewed with five types of grain, European hops, coriander and orange.
The beer gives you hints of citrus and subtle spicy finish.

ABV4% - 330ml

Drop It!

American pale ale label

Personally, we are big fans of a juicy tropical beer, and this is spot on.

Drop it! has masses of tropical aromas of mango and grapefruit.

Huge additions of American hops are added late in brewing for maximum impact.

ABV 5% - 330ml


Pilsner label

With a delicate well-rounded bitterness, our Bohemian Pilsner has a rich complex malt character and crisp clean finish.

With a floral and spicy bouquet from German hops, this golden beer is supremely refreshing.

The perfect beer for lager lovers.

ABV 5.8% - 330ml


hope rescue beer

10% of the profits of this beer are going to  Hope dog rescue centre.

Traditional British style golden ale with light floral and citrus flavours with a hint of spice

For more details CLICK HERE

ABV 4.6% - 330ml

limited editions


belgian beer label

We would like to introduce to you to a very limited edition beer. Only 80 bottles of this will be available.

A Belgian Golden Strong Ale made with 100% pilsner malt, it's crispness is balanced with the alcohol sweetness.

Made with Saaz and Perle hops, the beer has spicy, herbal notes with a hint of citrus. Along with this, there is a pleasing banana note from the yeast.

9% ABV - 330ml


Altbier label

This light brown beer or bier is a balance of classic European malts and hops.

A smooth easy drinking light brown beer with delicate notes of pine and floral with a hint of spiciness.

A most satisfying German classic.

ABV 4.6% - 330ml


american pale ale bottle label

Simplicity is the key to this classic American Pale Ale.

A combination of two grains and two hops blends

to create the character of this

American light coloured beer.

ABV 5.5% - 330ml


walkies beer label

Our amber ale has a nutty, sweet flavour, made with classic English hops.

The beer is well dry hopped to give an upfront hop

aroma that finishes with just a hint of orange.

ABV 4.3% - 330ml


fetch beer label

Fetch is made with a blend of British hops, balanced with roasty grain.

Conditioned with honey for an amazing mouth-coating finish.

This beer gives the impression of sweetness at the end of each sip from the honey.

ABV 4.6% - 330ml

Roll Over

Orange saison label

This beer is a twist on the traditional Belgian farmhouse ale.

Using citrusy hops, combined with orange peel and crushed coriander seeds add a delicious fruit taste

to the subtle banana notes from the yeast.

ABV 7% - 330ml

Santa Paws

Santa paws christmas beer

A classic British oatmeal stout infused with natural cherry extract, a roast character with notes of chocolate and almond.

Flavours are reminiscent of Black Forest Gateaux or dark chocolate coated cherries.

Something very special for the winter.

5.6ABV - 330ml