Labels are hot off the press.

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Printing beer labels

As launch date gets ever closer everything is coming together so smoothly we are starting to get worried. We are so looking forward to getting out beer out on the shelves in Bridgend shops. Today we have had confirmation from Trustmark […]

Beer Photos

Brewery Label Design

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bridgend brewery beers

Well, we have finally got there, after days of deliberation we have a label design and a bunch of beer names. The label design started with the logo, mirrored Jack Russels back to back sat on the grass. Nestled between […]


Oatmeal stout carbonation

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Craft ale stout

Here is a short video of our Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. Watching the carbonation and head formation is almost hypnotic. Smooth roasty notes, backed up with a balanced level of bitterness. A velvety mouthfeel finishing with a big hit of chocolate flavour.