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Brewery Label Design

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bridgend brewery beers

Well, we have finally got there, after days of deliberation we have a label design and a bunch of beer names. The label design started with the logo, mirrored Jack Russels back to back sat on the grass. Nestled between […]


Swansea to Bridgend bottle run

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beer bottles

I have an acquaintance who works in one of the Swansea breweries. Knowing I was starting up a brewery he contacted me through Facebook and asked if I wanted some bottles. “How many have you got there?” “Quite a few, […]


Oatmeal stout carbonation

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Craft ale stout

Here is a short video of our Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. Watching the carbonation and head formation is almost hypnotic. Smooth roasty notes, backed up with a balanced level of bitterness. A velvety mouthfeel finishing with a big hit of chocolate flavour.