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New Merch For Our Little Bridgend Brewery

Personally we LOVE brewery merchandise. How better to show your appreciation than to have a load of merch’?

We have not only gone out to find things that are new and cool, but we have also chosen things that we would want in our own home.

It all started with our leather beer coasters. Ha, we laugh at the idea of having a bit of cardboard that goes all floppy when it gets wet. These are a quality item that lasts for years.

Choosing our latest range we deliberated over which glasses to go for, stemmed, straight, pint, traditional? But we thought, what do we enjoy drinking craft beer out of? Yes, we could have gone for a cheaper option, but we thought it was worth going for something special.

With our plans to put our craft beer in cans, two big hates of drinking out of a can, they get warm and condensation. Enter the Dog’s Window Can Cozi, again it was a cheaper option to just print on one side but nah, lets go for both of them.

Hope you love the new stuff as much as we do. All hail the merch’!