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Born out of the pursuit of excellent craft beer

Recipes honed and developed for superior flavour

Beers that excite and entice

Bottle conditioned real ales in South Wales

Dog's Window brewery and bottle shop, beer store

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Fresh beer ingredients Bridgend

Our approach to brewing is to create beers taking inspiration from both classic and modern styles from around the globe.

Not afraid to brew beer styles that you wouldn't normally find locally.

Beer originating from Germany, Belgium, America and even Wales to name a few.

We use only the freshest ingredients available to create something truly special.

Tracking down ingredients that we need to use in our ales with a no-compromise attitude.

As brewers our ingredients are chosen to enhance flavours, nothing is added just to seem "cool".

All our beers are bottle conditioned the natural way.

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How to make beer, the Dog’s Window way

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Castle Arcade Cardiff

Another Cardiff retailer is stocking our craft beer

We are super pleased to announce that there is yet another place in Cardiff where you can buy Dog’s Window craft beer. This time we are in the city centre at Castle Arcade. For those of you who know Wally’s […]

“Stone the crows” it’s another beer review

I previously sent some beers up to Simon, who is Real Ale Craft Beer on YouTube, for him to review. We had produced some very special beers for Tryanuary and really wanted Simon to try them out. So, on the […]

nutts nuts beer on bar

Amazing post by Craft Beer Chris

There is nothing we love more than to talk about beer……. OK, drinking we like more!  But other than drinking it, there is nothing we like more than talking about beer. When Chris contacted us, we were more than happy […]

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