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How did this Bridgend brewery start?

Dog’s Window Brewery has grown from the enjoyment and passion of good beer. As a social occasion, three friends would get together and sample various homebrews.

The conversation would often lead to “You should sell this stuff it’s really good” and “If this was on the shelf in a shop I’d buy it”
The comments were jokingly laughed off with a reply of “Yeah maybe one day”.

Well that “one day” came when I thought, why not? I certainly wouldn’t be the first.
So Dog’s Window progressed from homebrew, to a commercial venture in 2018, what you see today.

What makes Dog's Window special?

We are a small-scale microbrewery, which allows us to concentrate more on quality than quantity. Our beers are truly hand-crafted. All ingredients are ordered just before use to ensure freshness.

It also allows us to design new beers without worrying about securing huge amounts of ingredients.

We are also blessed with great beer-making water that’s source
is a local natural spring.

Glass of hops south wales brewery
south Walse brewery dog jack russel

How did the brewery get it's name?

We have a Jack Russell named Bo who was adopted from dogs trust.

He has lived with us since 2012 and is a great character, he makes everyone smile that meets him.

His favourite place is sunbathing on my lounge windowsill while playing neighborhood watch.

He is such a big part of our family, he is inspiration our logo too.

Meet the brewer

Hi, my name is Lee Ralph, I’m the head brewer and owner of Dog’s Window. My craft beer journey started in 2015 with a pint of Beavertown Gamma Ray in a bar in Swansea and was blown away by how different and flavourful this beer was compared with everything I had drunk up to this point.

Fast forward to May 2017, the homebrewing bug had well and truly bitten and pretty much stopped buying beer.
Brewing batch after batch, reading books, listening to podcasts, and cramming as much knowledge into my head as possible. I decided to start brewing commercially February 2018 and officially launching in April 2018.

Favourite styles of mine to drink are, IPA (escpecially West Coast), Sours, and Belgians.
I’m a bit of a nightmare when it comes to brewing new beers, constantly getting new ideas and wanting to try new ingredients.

Brewer and owner lee ralph
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