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Swansea to Bridgend bottle run

beer bottles

I have an acquaintance who works in one of the Swansea breweries.
Knowing I was starting up a brewery he contacted me through Facebook and asked if I wanted some bottles.
“How many have you got there?”
“Quite a few, they are on a pallet”
“OK, I’m interested, get back to me with a quantity”
“There are 3 layers, 350 per layer and a few others”
“Great I’ll pick them up on Tuesday”

I’m so glad that I bought the car I did, they all fitted in the boot with room to spare.
Driving back to the brewery was a different matter though. Breaking and cornering caused a mass of chinks and rattles from the back of the car.
There were a few spills but thankfully I got them back without one breakage.

All in all, I’d call that a very good day.