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A new real ale is added to our lineup

porter bottles on shelf

We have been working on our latest real ale for quite some time to get it perfected.

We have been slaving away in our brewery in Bridgend. Trying to get the exact balance we were looking for.

It had to be a bit special as it is replacing Doggy Chocs in our lineup as “the dark beer”

Don’t worry though, we have a feeling Doggy Chocs may come back one day as a limited edition.

Now down to business, what’s this new beer? Wait! No not you, that is the name of the new beer.

Wait! is a Robust Porter, pitch black in colour with roasted notes of coffee and chocolate.

Certainly not a session beer, coming in at 6.6%. However, the alcohol works well with the dark style and doesn’t dominate it.

Hopped with mainly East Kent Goldings, the beer is balanced enough to not be completely dominated by the malt.

All in all a cracking real ale which is a great addition to the Dog’s Window range.

Robust porter label