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“Stone the crows” it’s another beer review

I previously sent some beers up to Simon, who is Real Ale Craft Beer on YouTube, for him to review.

We had produced some very special beers for Tryanuary and really wanted Simon to try them out. So, on the way to deliver some beer in Cardiff I decided to drop by and meet the man himself.

I was warmly greeted at the door by Simon and his awesome, very excited dog Loki, a very fitting name being the Norse god of mischief. Simon showed me around beer HQ, aka the kitchen where all the action happens and is very proud of his little setup.

We had a long chat about beer, as you might expect, but if we had more time I feel it would have been so much longer. Simon’s channel first hit the internet in 2010 and he is very passionate about his beers and his YouTube channel, you can tell this instantly, he is the same when the camera is off as when it’s on. 


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