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Supporting the Tryanuary campaign

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What is Tryanuary

Tryanuary is a nationwide campaign for those people who may or may not be taking part in Dryanuary.

Founded in 2015, it’s aim is to encourage people support for their local pubs, breweries and bottleshops throughout January.

It’s not encouraging people to go out and drink, of you go to your local pub with a good book and grab a glass of pop, then you are still supporting them.

January is a very hard month for the beer industry, some reporting drasticly reduced income while people go on theis “health kick”.


In the support of lowering alcohol consumption we have released two lower ABV beers………. As for the other two………… Not so much.

In order of strength:

3.0% ABV – Raspberry Wheat Beer

3.3% ABV – Vienna Session IPA

5.5% ABV – Black Rice Ale

8.5% ABV – Belgian Dark Ale